I happen to be a 52 year old man with erection problems.  I don’t get really hard erections like I used to.  Is there something the matter with me? Are there any available exercises that I can do.  Please help.

Thank you,


Hi Edward!

I’m going to get your question over to Matt.

But first could you answer a few questions for me?

(these are questions that Matt always asks)

Did you buy our Big Bang course?

When did the problem start?

Do you view any porn? If so, how much?


Heather Hallman


Hey Heather:

No I did not purchase the course.  I am 52 years old and I do look at some porn. 


Erectile ProblemsHi Edward, glad to help.

This is a very common problem for guys. We’ve found that the problem is desensitization.

The brain’s reward center is in charge of managing our erections and our sex drive and after years of porn viewing (even if it isn’t that often) and often poor masturbation habits, our brain’s reward center stops feeling so much of the signals it is getting from our penis.


Think of the brain’s reward center like a radio receiver. It’s gotten a bit out of tune so the penis, the transmitter of signals, isn’t talking to the brain very well.

The solution is to reboot your brain’s pleasure center. Like rebooting your computer, it sets things back to normal sensitivity. You can do that with simple solo activities and some easy lifestyle changes.


The great news is, that you can fix this problem pretty easily. This is because your brain still “remembers” the original sensitivity you once had. You can restore your original sensitivity and not only have great erections again, but you can last much longer and feel more pleasure during intercourse than you ever thought possible.


You will want to get my course Big Bang which lays this all out.


Matt Cook–Matt Cook


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